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Forum Alpbach Streaming 2016

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22.08.2019, 14:30 - 16:00  Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity"Liberty & Security" - these are the two perspectives the Technology Symposium will explore this year to approach the rapid changes that are happening in technology and society. By connecting everything, the Internet has created unexpected liberties, promising universal information and education for all, but has also shown its dark side with cybercrime, mobbing or the targeted manipulation of information. Now the Internet of Things enhances our senses, smart assistants and robots supported by artificial intelligence relieve us of tedious work; 3D printers even enable us to create novel things by ourselves. "Discussing Technology", the Technology Symposium's yearbook, this year titled "Cyber Security", will also engage with these topics. So how do we want to shape this digital world? The Technology Symposium will attempt to find answers. At the same time, we present an exciting accompanying exhibition that bridges the gap from art to technology.

Anne-Marie CHUN WITT

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22.08.2019 16:20 - 17:30  Artificial Intelligence and RoboticsSo far, robotics has been successfully implemented especially in areas of repetitive tasks, like e.g. in production. The enormous potential of robotics in areas like housework, maintenance or transport, which require a lot more flexibility and adaptability to humans, has, however, not come close to being exploited. For this it will be necessary to closely integrate robotics with all the other aspects of artificial intelligence. How to confront this exciting challenge will be discussed in this panel.

Stefan ROTH

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